Beads of Courage Date(s) UPDATE! Important!

art charm exchange 2The auction is now starting on November 24th/25th, 2014!

I will post a live link when things start going up for auction! 🙂

TRUNK SHOW INFO and Beads of Courage Reminder

I’m having my annual Trunk Show on facebook- and you’re invited! If you “Join” the event, you get an entry into a giveaway/raffle thing for a special present! If you “Share” the event, you get an extra entry! Not too shabby for putting up with my posting on the event page.
This year is going to end with a BANG. 🙂 And I mean that in a good way!
Giveaways, prizes, whatever my little heart desires to do that’s good and awesome. Sounds like a ball, right? 🙂 Wootz!
So you can CLICK HERE to join in on the facebook trunk show that I’m putting on this year. All the details you need are in the event description. Please be sure to read those! Thanks! And if you have any questions, just ask!
On to the Beads of Courage auction reminder:
I will be posting a link to the auctions on ebay here in this blog on November 14th. Please stay tuned!